Visit This Website for Tips On Wearing Bold Statement Jewelry

Whether you have a bright, colorful outfit or a plain, little black dress, the jewelry selected can enhance the look of the clothes and draw attention to some of your best features. One way to accessorize is to go with bold statement jewelry. You know the type! The big, clunky, striking or attention getting piece you can’t wear with just anything. Truly, these types of jewelry are designed for wearers to have fun with their closing choices, but, if being honest, can actually make the completely opposite effect if not worn the right way. Follow these tips to accessorize with statement pieces the right way.


The great thing about statement pieces is that you truly only need one piece to make an outfit pop. People get into fashion trouble when they try to pair multiple bold jewelry pieces with one outfit. It distracts the eye and decreases the effectiveness of your bold statement. The best way to dress with accessory statement items is to work a simple outfit around one large, bold piece.


Everyone knows the KISS acronym of Keep it Simple Stupid. But, never has it been more true than it is with jewelry. A fun, eye-catching necklace is great with a simple black dress. But, adding equally stunning and distracting earrings is a bit over the top. When you have on jeans and a white shirt, why not pair it with color and sparkle? But don’t over do it with feathered hair barrettes.


While stunning necklaces are wonderful to wear, you don’t want to be competing with the dress’ neckline either. Make sure the necklace goes with the style of dress. In most cases, a strapless number, on with no shoulders, or one that reveals the chest with a scoop or v-neck are the best choices, allowing the necklace to play center stage.

With all the right elements in play, a bold jewelry piece is sure to shine. For more information on jewelry to fit the bill or ones you might want to give as gifts, visit this website.

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